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Colorado Springs Sedation DentistryColorado Springs Sedation dentistry is popular because people are anxious about visiting the dentist. How many people do you know who avoid seeking dental treatment because they fear discomfort at the thought of reclining in a dentist’s chair?

Sedation dentistry may be an excellent option. The best Colorado Springs dentists offer different sedation dentistry options. This procedure reduces or eliminates patients’ anxiety before a dental procedure. When you obtain their professional services, they will help you choose the perfect option for your unique needs.


What is Sedation Dentist?


Sedation dentistry refers to the use of sedatives to minimize a patient’s anxiety before or at the beginning of a dental procedure. Dental sedatives induce a relaxed state in which patients are often blissfully unaware of their dental procedure. Sedation dentistry can be a life-changing option for patients whose dental anxiety makes it difficult to obtain the necessary dental care they require.



Dealing with Dental Anxiety


Most people are to some degree made anxious by the prospect of a dental visit. However, for others, it is extremely difficult or impossible to cope with the fear. The reasons for this fear can be numerous, usually due to a traumatic experience during childhood. This overwhelming anxiety can cause one to avoid modern dental care, resulting in poor oral hygiene and possible mouth-related diseases.

Dental phobia is entirely different than fear of dentistry. The classic sign is “avoidance behavior.” The afflicted person does everything to avoid the situation. When people try to hide from the dentist, it results in neglected mouths that are often painful. These patients sometimes have a low self-esteem due to an unpleasant smile, bad breath, or discolored teeth. When you have bad teeth, it diminished chewing ability and associated problems.

If you have dental phobia, sedation dentistry may be the perfect answer. You can find highly trained Colorado Springs dentists. Many patients have completed dental treatment using their state-of-the-art and efficient technology.


Sedation Dentist Options for Colorado Springs


Sedation Dentist Colorado SpringsColorado Springs dentists usually provide the following sedation dentistry options:

Inhalation sedation dentistry – This delivers sedation via inhaled nitrous oxide gas, also known as Laughing Gas. Achieves a mild sedative effect in which the patient is conscious and can respond to stimuli.

Oral conscious sedation dentistry – delivers sedation via a pill, which the patient takes approximately one hour before the dental appointment. Achieves a moderate sedative effect in which the patient can breathe independently and respond to stimuli.


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