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A general dentist is a medical professional that has earned a license that allows him or her to practice different types of dentistry. In many ways, a general dentist is the leader of the team. These dentists must be creators as well as managers who create plans for dental treatment. First of all, a general dentist must perform a complete dental examination in order to establish the true state of health of the patient.


Dental Examination of a General Dentist


A dental examination is only complete if it can identify every active factor that is causing dental problems. In case the examination is incomplete, there will not be enough information available to identify the reason for deterioration of the patient’s oral condition and health.

A general dentist should also be able to provide the necessary treatment to restore a patient’s oral health. In a nutshell, a general dentist must be able to determine the exact causes of decline of the oral health of a patient and then should be able to determine the best solution that ensures elimination of the causes that contributed to the deterioration of a patient’s oral health.

We should mention that even the best general dentist cannot always ensure total elimination of all causes of poor oral health. A person’s dental problems may be so severe as to have made restoration of complete oral health impossible.

Typically, a general dentist must ensure that the patient’s gums and teeth continue to remain in good condition. A qualified dentist should instruct patients regarding proper dental care. Additionally, they must be able to clean the teeth and perform various dental procedures. Fillings and Root Canals are good examples of their general work.


Education for General Dentistry


General Dentistry Training Colorado SpringsAfter completing their education, general dentists have multiple options including becoming an oral surgeon, as well as an orthodontist. To qualify as a general dentist requires at least having finished a bachelors degree. Then, it is necessary to enroll in a dental school, and finally, it is mandatory to pass the Dental Admissions Test.

To become a general practice dentist requires that you have, besides the necessary qualifications, excellent vision and a good aesthetic sense pertaining to color, shape, and space. In addition, it helps to have business intelligence; especially, if you would like to practice on your own.